Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little blurb about teaching and reading

When a reluctant reader suddenly becomes interested in a book about bears, he might say "I want to learn to read this book!" So he would begin to read other "just right" books in order to reach his goal of reading books of his own interest. As teachers, we need to provide these high interest books and expose them to our students. This will motivate them into learning to read. Intrinsic motivation.

*Just something I was thinking about while working on my online course.

I also found a really good link to taking photos of jewellery! here


  1. You can also use an Ott Lite. I think that's how it is spelled. A bunch of beaders in the Etsy forum were raving about them because I guess they really bring out the beauty of your beads.

  2. Thanks for the link for taking good pics of jewelry. I found it very helpful! Enjoyed your blog! Come take a look at mine if you'd like, and make a comment!


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