Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clip on earrings!

BumbleBeads Designs now has CLIP ON earrings available!  I have a few friends who doesn't have pierced ears and they have always wanted to wear earrings.  So I thought, why don't I make earrings and attach clip ons to them. That way they will have the equal opportunity to wear earrings like everyone else! After some searching on Etsy, I finally found the best place to get clip on earrings.  And the best part is that they actually look like your ears are pierced!  That's so cool!

Here are some examples:

Just in time for Christmas too!

Life After the Wedding

July and August were crazy months.  I'm so glad we chose to have the wedding at the beginning of August as it gave me plenty of time to plan for it and then to relax after it, before school started in September.  So, I'm married now and enjoying all the duties of a wife. Well, almost enjoying........ :P  School has started and so far, my class has been pretty good. Still babies (they're grade 1's) so I have to teach them everything!
Bridesmaid Jewellery

Although not much has been happening at the "shop", lots have been created for my wedding.  Here are some pictures of the jewellery I made for me and my wedding party:

Bridesmaid Jewellery

I'm hoping to turn most or all of these into items for sale on Etsy.
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