Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A review of Prima Bead's Jewellery Kit

About a month ago, Prima Bead contacted me to review one of their products. Prima Bead is a jewellery supply company that is just over a year old. Their sister company Cousin has been around for many many years. They sent me one of their kits that included all the required materials: a 3-in-1 tool, beading mat and full colour instructions. All I had to do was give them an honest review.

I don't usually use jewellery kits but this one is well worth the money.  It is one of several jewellery kits that Prima Bead sells. They also sent me a full colour catalogue of all their beading products and supplies.  Everything was easy to make when you follow the instructions. I had so much fun putting them together!

So let's get into the details!

3-in-1 Tool:
The first thing I went to look at was my new tool. I was so excited for a tool that has the three essential tools I normally use, all packed in one. When I opened it, I found black powder-dirt on the inside of the tool. It was  part of the metal so all I had to do was clean it up and it was good to go. So no big deal...

Instructions manual:
The instructions were easy to read and in full colour. It was also in three languages (English, French, Spanish) so you don't have to worry if your English isn't so good. The first page showed a legend of the different findings and beads. It also had a bead size chart that you could use to measure your beads if you weren't sure what size they were. At the back of the instructions there were tips on making jewellery. So if you were a beginner this manual had everything you needed to make the jewellery. 

The materials were packaged very nicely and in separate compartments so you won't get them mixed up. Alot of kits I've seen have all the materials in one baggy so you would have to sort it all out before you could even start making anything.  They included extra material in case you make an oopsie. Which is nice cause even an experienced jewellery maker can screw up. They also included a beading mat, which was nice since I didn't have one.  :)

Overall, this was a great kit for both beginners and advanced beaders. Beginners have all the tools and instructions to help them with their new hobby and the difficulty level can still be challenging for an advanced beader. Everything you need is in the box!

Or visit their site for more kits and other beading supplies!  www.primabead.com

Here are the pieces that I made! Aren't they pretty! My sister already claimed the green/gold chain one.

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