Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Packaging my Jewellery

I've gone through many changes when it comes to packaging my jewellery.  In the beginning, I used organza bags where the earrings would just hang from handmade cards.  But I thought it didn't look nice enough and also it could easily be damaged during shipping.


So, I switched to using kraft boxes.  These boxes worked very well, but I guess I was picky on how it should be presented. I went from ribbon to paper ribbon but was never satisfied with how it looked.

Now, I'm using these black boxes and I like them so much better.  It looks a lot more professional and classy. Just the way I like it. :) What do you think?


  1. While I love the organza bag and the black is quite chic I'm a pushover for the clean look of the kraft box and pretty ribbon.

  2. I likey them all! But I'm more into Kraft box look!


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