Monday, December 26, 2011

Bridal Jewellery: Moms

 I finally have time to post some designs that I made for my mom and mother in law to wear during my wedding.  I made silver and white Swarovski pearl necklace for my mother in law to match her silver dress. It was a simple design so she actually wears it regularly with casual outfits.  For my mom, I made a necklace and bracelet set. She wanted a design that used the shiny Swarovski rondelles that I had.  I had wanted to hand knot the set like I usually did but it didn't look good with the design. So, I opted to use a thinner thread and hand knotted parts of it so that if the thread breaks, most of the pearls won't fall off the thread.

I have now made these designs for sale in my shop. If you are looking for jewellery for your mom, click on one of the captions to purchase your own.  :)
For my mother in law (click here)

For my mom (click here)

For my mom (click here)

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