Friday, May 27, 2011

The D.A.D Project - donate to the Canadian Cancer Society

Last year, two sisters, Emily and Serena, started a project where they listed a drawing a day (D.A.D) on Etsy and the sales would be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Through this project they wanted to give back to an organization that helped their father who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Read more about their story at

The sisters take turns listing a new drawing each day. On Fridays, they feature another artist's work for sale. This week, one of my earrings have been featured!  Customers can purchase these earrings from The D.A.D. Project's Etsy store and all proceeds (minus fees) goes towards the Canadian Cancer Society.

Also, their Etsy shop sells really CUTE pieces of art that I would love to get if I was decorating for a baby's room.

Here is the listing for my 'Creamrose Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings' if you want to donate to a good cause. They also have an option to donate directly to the The Canadian Cancer Society.

You can read about me and my earrings on their blog.  :P

I'm so happy to be a part of this!

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