Friday, January 14, 2011

To my wonderful Grade 1s and 2s

Ever since I started school in September, I haven't had much time to do wedding planning or make new jewellery.  I started off with half time at the school and by God's grace, a few weeks in, I got to be the Grade 1/2 full time teacher.  It was exactly what I prayed for but little did I know how much work it involved.  After doing so many LTOs I should be used to jumping in, in the middle of the year (well, this time it was 3 weeks in). Even with all the work, this past few months has been the most enjoyable, fullfilling, rewarding time I've ever had. 

I have such a good class.  I mean, they can be chatty and exactly like kids but they are good kids and will settle down with the LOOK!.  hahah!  There are no behaviour problems and not many low level students. It's almost the perfect class but now I have to leave again to find a new job since the teacher I'm replacing is returning.  I'm gonna miss these kids.....

Especially one student who can't read very well but still has the motivation to keep trying and isn't afraid to ask for help.  I've been making progress with this student and I wish I could see what happens to him.  Well, all the best class and hopefully your new teacher can give you what you need.  Bye!

UPDATE: The week after this contracted ended, I ended up doing another LTO at the same school and the same grade but a different class.  God is good!

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