Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Story of Love and Friendship

Just came back from my trip to the East Coast of Canada. It's so beautiful there and the air is a lot cleaner. I'll post something about it later. This week has been so busy in preparing for school and getting my classroom all set up that I barely had time to make any new earrings. But school is a bit more important right now. I've been cleaning up my day plan binder from last year and found this really neat story. So I thought I'd share it with you here. It's a French story that is translated into English.

Madness decided to invite her friends for coffee at her place.

Alll the invitees went. After coffee Madness proposed:
"Shall we play hide and go seek?"
"Hide & go seek? What is that?" asked Curiosity.
"Hide & go seek is a game, I count till 100 and you hide, when I finish counting I start looking for you, the forst one I find will start counting in the next round."

All but Fear and Idleness accepted.

"1,2,3,...." Madness started counting.
Eagerness was first, he hides himself in the first place he found.
Timidity (timid as always) hides in a tuft of a tree.
Joy ran in the middle of the field.
Sadness started crying, it couldn't find a proper place to hide in.
Envy accompanied Triumph and hid himself behind a rock.

Madness continues to count while her friends are hiding.
Despair is despaired seeing that Madness was at 99.
"100" said Madness, "I'm coming to find you!"

The first to be found was Curiosity; she couldn't help herself to see who the first one to be caught was. And looking on the side, Madness saw Doubt over a fence since it didn't know on what side was best to hide. And so on, she finds Joy, Sadness, and Timidity...

When they were all reunited, Curiosity asked:
"Where is Love?" No one has seen her.

Madness starts looking for her. She searches over the mountain, in the rivers at the foot of the rocks. But it can't find Love. Looking in all directions, Madness saw a rose tree, takes a stick and started looking within the branches, when suddenly she heard a cry. It was Love, she cried because a thorn got into her eye. Madness didn't know what to do. She said she was sorry, begged Love to have her forgiveness, she promised to follow her and look after her forever. Love accepted her apologies.

Today Love is blind and Madness is right behind her.

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