Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few exciting things happened this week! First thing that happened was that I GOT MY FIRST SALE!!!! It was very exciting! I packaged everything, sealed it and then shipped it off! Yeah!!! Now waiting for my second sale....

I'm also doing a custom bridesmaid set of earrings and necklace for a friend. So on Monday, we went downtown and got a bunch of beads and supplies and now just gotta find time to finish it. Schools starting soon so I gotta plan for that too. But I can't wait to finish the sets! I'll probably post pics here when I'm done.

And.... I was featured on JewelsOfIndia's blog. You can see it HERE!!!!

And... I went to another workshop for teachers and this time it was at the Hilton. It was so nice and pretty.. hehe

Wow, that was a busy week!

Next week, I'll be going to Nova Scotia so won't be able to post for a week. BYE!!!

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