Friday, July 24, 2009

Too much reading!

I just spent the last three days attending a "Reluctant Readers" workshop for teachers. There were tons of info and a lot of good "make and takes" where we got to make some sort of useful somethings that would help us motivate reluctant readers in a classroom. For example, one of the things we made was a "buzz jar" which basically was a jar that had discussion questions inside. The students would have to pick one of those questions and discuss it with a partner or two. It's to promote a "buzz" or purposeful talk in the classroom. So other than the useful info and free stuff, we also had awesome breakfasts and lunches! Smoked salmon sandwiches, bacon and eggs for breakfast, stir fry, salad with yummy dressing! Totally worth the $40 I payed.

Now I have to work on my AQ which happens to be on reading too. This online course leaves me no time to work on my etsy shop or make new products but I've been able to sneak in a few hours before bed (no wonder I'm tired in the mornings) to make a couple of new earrings. Hopefully I can take pics tomorrow and post them up.

Now back to my online course.. *sigh*

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